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A "Challenger" that is presenting "A Company" that is perceived to offer everything that Uniforms Express offers must meet all of the following terms and conditions.

  1. The Challenger must be an end user.
  2. The Challenger must purchase uniforms within 30 days from the date of the challenge.
  3. A Company's offer must be offered to all customers without limitation.
  4. A Company's offer must be in the form of printed marketing material that is available to all customers without limitation.
  5. A Company's offer must have been offered in printed material printed before January, 1st 2015
  6. Every detail and all terms and conditions of the Uniforms Express Offer must be matched or exceeded by The Company's offer.
    • The Challenger and the Company must supply documented proof that they offer in combination the same level of products, prices, service and delivery as set forth on the most current Uniforms Express offer as displayed on the Uniforms Express web site or in printed marketing material.
      1. On time refers to a confirmed/guaranteed delivery date promised by Uniforms Express. The delivery date is only guaranteed after a customer has confirmed their order and Uniforms Express has provided them with a written guarantee. Uniforms Express would provide a new guaranteed delivery date in the event a customer makes changes to an already confirmed order.
      2. See ordering information for additional details.
  7. Caps and other items not made by Maxim Athletic are excluded from the guarantee.